Size 80x30cm


Five colourful butterflies with 3D elements.


This 3D butterfly painting has vibrant, bold colours and an encouraging message.

The message in this piece is not to let ‘the box’ contain you. Society will put labels on you such as dyslexia or autism which can make you see only limitations in life. But this piece reminds you that even as the butterflies aren't limited to the size of the canvas, that you can't allow societies labels to stop you from thinking big and aiming high.


The butterfly represents endurance, change, growth, development, hope, freedom and life.


Live beyond the borders.


3D Butterfly project

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  • The 3D elements to this piece have been handmade from wire, string and glue. They are very delicate and can bend when packed and in transit. 

    Once unpacked, if shape has shifted and is out of place, you can gently bend them back into place.

    Bend gently.