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Ruth Waldron
of Real Express Art

I'm a daughter, a sister, a wife, mother of 3 energetic boys and a friend.

How the journey began


The Real Express Art journey began in December 2015 after my father sadly passed away from prostate cancer. 

I sort of stumbled across this talent whilst playfully painting on a canvas that was left over after my sons finished painting Christmas gifts for family friends.


As the years have rolled on I have built various collections of paintings, coming to the realization that I love creating and wasn't satisfied working within the confines of one set style. Some of the collections that have developed since 2015 are 'Angel In You', QR Codes and most recent 'Painting during Corona Times'.


What I love

As you look through my pieces of art you may see that I love to encourage and uplift people. I am very much inspired by the relationships and conversations I have with people.  My paintings are also influenced by my faith in Jesus Christ. You'll also see that I love colours and have enjoyed mixing various colours together. I really love building texture and creating 3D pieces. You may even notice that I LOVE working with gold paint and gold leaf.

Real Express Art's Future

I'm certain that more collections will be created as I journey through life and come into contact with others along the way.


I welcome you to join me on this Real Express Art journey.

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